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English Groomers Challenge 2012


English Groomers Challenge
Grooming Competition 2012


 *Creative Stylist of the Year*

Held on:   Sunday 10th June 2012
At:  White Oak Leisure Centre,  Swanley, Kent


Aesculap Scholarship Nominations:
Marie Chong
Susan Pratt
Sharon Evans
Tiffany Jennings
Great Expectations (sponsored by Dogs Delight): Sian Beddoe
Best Preparation (sponsored by Dogs Delight): Helen Skerman
Handling and Approach (sponsored by Dee for Dogs): Sharon Evans
Technique(sponsored by Dee for Dogs): Jason Williams
Biggest Transformation (sponsored by Barkleys Pet Emporium): Joanne Beddoe
Newcomer Classes - sponsored by Animology
Total 20 dogs
Scissor: 1st Aleksandra Kunicka
2nd Laura Jamnesty
3rd Sophie Evans
Real Life: 1st Marie Chong
2nd Harriet Cliffen
3rd Jessica Walker
Handstrip: 1st Natasha Pointing
2nd Nicola Whitehead
3rd Helen Stelinski
Clip: 1st Danielle Brown
2nd Marie Chong
3rd Tash Wilson
Newcomer of the Year: Marie Chong
Experienced Classes - sponsored by Redcape
Total 38 dogs
Scissor: 1st Simone Guard
2nd Tanya Maddever
3rd Ellora Scriven
Real Life: 1st Rachel Hart
2nd Gemma Guile
3rd Fleur Maitland
Handstrip: 1st Tanya Stevens
2nd Jason Williams
3rd Andrew Carr
Clip: 1st Vicki Mitchelle
2nd Nicola Graham
3rd Charlie Cullinane
Experienced Groomer Winner: Simone Guard
Advanced Classes - sponsored by Groomers
Total 29 dogs
Scissor: 1st Anita Karikas
2nd Chris Swain
3rd Sharon Evans
Real Life: 1st Susan Pratt
2nd Donna Clinch
3rd Lesley Harpham
Handstrip: 1st Susan Pratt
2nd Klaudia Csovari
3rd Lesley Harpham
Clip: 1st Anita Karikas
2nd Tiffany Jennings
3rd Sharon Evans
Advanced Groomer Winner: Anita Karikas
Creative Stylist of the Year - sponsored by Mutneys
Total 7 entries
1st - Emily Mulholland with "The Secret Garden"
2nd - Su Eld-Weaver with "The Octo-poodle"
3rd - Karen Lamb and Lorraine Brackley (The Glitter Girls) with "Las Vegas Show Girls"


Congratulations to all of our competitors and those who won awards!  The standard was incredibly high and we are extremely proud of the grooming that occurred.
Many thanks to those who came to support the event and a special thanks to our sponsors who were:

Animology, Barkleys Pet Emporium, Dee for Dogs, Dogs Delight, Groomers and Mutneys