Past Events

English Groomers Challenge 2011

We had a wonderful day. Thank you to all our sponsors Redcape, Groomers, Simpsons, Aesculap and Barkleys for our class sponsorship.

The following companies generously donated items for our Goodie bagsAesculap, Our Dogs, Safe4 pets, Sky Chemicals, Mutneys and Pets at Home’s  The Groom Room. 

 A special thanks to Christer Johansson at K9 Competition for the whole range of  shampoo, conditioner and sprays that were donated

Also thank you to these companies for sponsoring the Individual Awards ;  Dogs Delight, Canine Design, The Grooming Centre, Canine Massage Therapy, Rainbows Dog Grooming and Dione’s Doggy Fashion

Challenge 2011 Results

Advanced Group Sponsored by Groomers (inc BIS)


1st Tiffany Jennings

2nd Denise Westbrook

3rd Haley Makinson

Real Life

1st Julie Lalou

2nd Jo Beddoe

3rd Steve Gorman


1st Julie Lalou

2nd Jo Beddoe

3rd Tiffany Jennings


1st Denise westbrook

2nd Nina Gooding

3rd Jocelyn Dorrian

Best Advanced   Julie Lalou

Special Award  Sue Birley

Experienced Group sponsored by Redcape


1st  Sharon Evans

2nd Donna Clinch

3rd Tanya Stevens

Real Life

1st Kateryna Fensom

2nd Sara Hussein

3rd Natalia Townsend


1st Donna Clinch

2nd Sara Hussein

3rd Glen Succamore


1st Klaudia Csovari

2nd Sharon Evans

3rd Sarah Impey


Best Experienced   Sharon Evans

Special Award    Katie Rourke-Dowding


Newcomer Group sponsored by Simpsons of Langley


1st Charlie Crawley

2nd Nikki Lock

Real Life

1st Chelsea Huggett

2nd Jackie Bowen

3rd Sam Mason


1st Amanda Marshall

2nd Lara Ghaem

3rd Kelly Vodden


1st Chelsea Huggett

2nd Danielle Ingarfill

Best Newcomer  Chelsea Huggett

Special Award  Kay Pettett

Best Preparation  Julie Lalou              sponsored by Rainbows Dog Grooming

Best Technique  Donna Clinch            sponsored by   Canine Design

Best Handling  Amanda Cozens          sponsored by   Canine Massage Therapy

Best Finish  Julie Lalou                        sponsored by   Dione’s Doggy Fashion

Great Expectations  Trixie Ashby        sponsored by  The Grooming Centre

Biggest Transformation Denise Westbrook   sponsored by Dogs Delight


English Groomers Challlenge 2011 Best In Show      Julie Lalou



Creative Stylist of the Year   sponsored by Barkleys

1st   Helen Skerman Wrightson and Sian Beddoe

2nd  Steven Gorman

3rd Emily Mulholland