Past Events

Gundog Day - March 2011

Due to the great success of our Short Legged Terrier day, we decided to hold a Gundog day, and with membership rising to an all-time high we went for a bigger venue so we could keep costs down by enabling more people to attend.

So, on 27th March at our new venue at Larkfield in Kent The English Groomers Group played host to 15 Breed Demonstrations and 78 groomers looking for hints and tips on how to trim Gundogs. Agnes Murphy, renowned groomer and show judge started the day with an introduction on stripping the silky coat and the best equipment to use.

Amazed at all the different techniques available, we were entertained by the demonstrators who allowed us to tap into their immense knowledge of the different breeds, revealing some tricks of the trade besides some well-kept secrets. A big revelation for me was the Sussex Spaniel demonstration where I found out that the highlights of this breed’s coat that I spend time thinning and stripping out are meant to be KEPT!!!! It is specified in the breed standard that they’re to have highlights, oh dear! I also had the great pleasure in trimming a Curly Coated Retriever under the watchful eye of Agnes Murphy. Jo Botwood showed how to trim the American Cocker both in show and pet trim, both dogs being beautifully presented and showing the importance of good prep work. Other demonstrations included the Welsh and the English Springer, showing the differences between the two, clipped and handstripped English Cockers, the Italian Spinone, beautiful Gordon, English and Irish Setters, Golden and Flat Coated Retrievers, and to finish, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - ultimately not a gundog, but a hugely interesting demonstration by Dinah Armatage-Walker who held everyone’s attention while she talked and answered questions on Syringomyelia, or SM, (a neurological problem) brought to the public’s attention recently in a TV documentary.

Grateful thanks go - as always - to all of the demonstrators, some of whom travelled a great distance to attend and empower us with their knowledge, and to the spectators and English Groomers Group members and helpers whose appetite for knowledge seems boundless! See you all again soon at our next event.