Past Events

English Groomers Challenge 2010

On the 13 June 2010 we held our second annual English Groomers Challenge. With over 50 competitors and a record number of spectators the day was our biggest success yet.

Judges Melanie Winters-Holmes, Jitka Krizova and last year’s Challenge winner Sharon Smith had the difficult job of judging the Advanced, Experience and Newcomer classes.

For the first time we also held a Creative Challenge and the winner was crowned Creative Stylist of the Year. The Creative Challenge was the only competition of its kind in the UK and was immensely popular and hopefully will have a firm place at the Challenge. 9 dogs were dyed and transformed into all manner of different creatures, from a Dragon to Bertie Bassett. The class was judged by Anita Bax, who was very disappointed that she could only give 3 awards to these talented groomers.

With so much going on in the ring it was a wonder that the spectators had time to watch any of the seminars and demonstrations, but each one was full to capacity. There were 5 seminars covering topics such as the new qualifications, exams, competition grooming, and one on how to make bows and bandanas that had the audience all having a go - and having a go is what The English Groomers Group is all about! The 8 demonstrations included a Hungarian Puli, exam dogs, handstripping and competition grooming. A big thankyou to our demonstrators who were all hugely talented, with a wide range of experience and did a brilliant job of keeping our spectators informed and entertained.

Big “Thank You’s” go to Redcape, Groomers, Simpsons, Petquest and Barkleys who were all very generous sponsors of our classes, gave us some wonderful items for our goodie bags and also donated items for our raffle - Simpsons very kindly donated a stand dryer for the raffle worth over £400 (lucky winner!).

We also received donations from Scruffychops, Purina, and the NAPCG amongst others - THANK YOU ALL for your support; we could not do it without you!

Thanks also go to all our helpers and committee members who made the day run smoothly and professionally.


Best in Show: Dione Spice

Best Advanced Groomer:

Dione Spice

Advanced Scissor:

1. Dione Spice, 2. Denise Westbrook, 3. Linda Williams

Advanced Real life:

1. Susan Pratt, 2. Emily Mulholland, 3. Helen Skerman

Advanced Clip:

1. Louisa Collis, 2. Aimee Farrow, 3. Sophie Fury

Advanced Handstrip:

1. Denise Westbrook, 2. Bryony Mehigan, 3. Karen Goldsmith

Best Experienced Groomer:

Christine Anderton

Experienced Scissor:

1. Christine Anderton, 2. Anita Karikas, 3. Tiffany Jennings

Experienced Real Life:

1. Julie Lalou, 2. Maria Webster, 3. Steven Gorman

Experienced Clip:

1. Sally Thomas, 2. Mellissa Driver, 3. Val Murray

Experienced Handstrip:

1. Chris Swain, 2. Phillipa Murray, 3. Tiffany jennings

Best Newcomer Groomer:

Chris Swain

Newcomer Scissor:

Jocelyn Marcroft

Newcomer Realife:

1. Ellora Scriven, 2. Katie Cambell

Newcomer Handstrip:

Adam Gardener

Best Preparation:

Steve Gorman

Best Technique:

Dione Spice

Best Handling:

Ellora Scriven

Great Expectations:

Sharon Evans

Biggest Transformation:

Joanne Beddoe

Creative Challenge:

1. Sue Eld Weaver with her Dragon, complete with castle, damsel in distress and a baby Lancelot in a knitted chain mail suit,
2. Dione Spice with her Panda,
3. Steve Gorman’s Lady Gaga