Past Events

Positively Poodle Day - Feb 2009


The morning started with an introduction from the Chair Person of the English Groomers Group, Julie Harris who welcomed everyone to the event. Then the grooming began with Chrissie Warwick starting the day with a nice miniature black poodle being put into a Euro trim. Louisa Tandy put a toy poodle into the 7750 blended lamb trim. Julie Harris put a puppy standard poodle into puppy pants. Nicole Mills also with a standard poodle worked it into the Dutch clip. Chrissie put Joe the previously dyed purple poodle into a spiral cut. This was followed by a short break so that every one could have refreshments.

During the morning and over the refreshment break Riley the standard poodle was put on a grooming table for people to have a go at scissoring with advice on technique and method from Louisa and Julie, there was also different scissors for people to try.

Chrissie then moved onto a toy poodle with a snap on comb attachment. The final demonstration was creative grooming with colour on a white toy poodle that was turned pink, blue and yellow by Julie and Chrissie.

This was a well attended event on a smaller scale to the Launch Day but as with the launch enabled spectators to get up close to the demonstrations and ask those important questions that could make the difference to their grooming.

Also during the day there was a raffle and a chance for all who attended to socialise making and renewing acquaintances and friendships.


by Damarall Werrey - Easterbrook

If topknots get you in a tizzy and poodle feet freak you out, then the English Groomers Group held an inspirational event that was full of laughter, learning and love for this creative breed.

On Sunday, 8th February the educational group held a “Positively Poodles” day at Hadlow College, with a host of activities ranging from salon trimming to City and Guilds grooming – even one poodle succumbed to the creative colouring hands of everyone to show off a fl ashy coat of technicolour.

If there was anything you needed to know about poodles then this was the crème de la crème of events.  English Groomers Group founder, Louisa Tandy, demonstrated the correct techniques needed to successfully pass the City and Guilds 7750 exam, while Chrisse Warwick (committee member) showed how to do a beautiful “spiral trim” on a ‘violet’ miniature. It certainly proved to be a popular talking point with everyone.

Fellow group founder and Pet Care Trust grooming director, Julie Harris, helped attendees with specific aspects
of concern, ranging from poodle toes to topknots – and everything in between. She kindly let others use her high-end scissors to help them understand the importance of a good pair of shears.

It was a day for everyone – from students to established groomers improving their techniques.

Daryl Richards, who has been grooming for 12 years said: “The demo was a worthwhile day. I picked up loads of grooming tricks from simple leg scissoring to how to create the perfect pom pom tail. It was great to try out all the various scissors, and I even ordered a pair of pink Oster titanium ones after having a go. I never would have bought them had I not tried them at the show.”

The event was a great success, and I’m sure every attendee was itching to get their hands on a poodle when they got back to their own working environment.