Past Events


Rookie Challenge 2015 - NEW!!



Proudly brought to you by the English Groomers' Group, the Rookie Challenge, is a competition especially for those groomers who have never competed before.

Date:  Sunday 15th November 2015

Venue:  Larkfield Village Hall
            New Hythe Lane
            ME20 6PU


How it works:
You enter with ONE dog which can be any breed or crossbreed and you may use any technique or style that you wish.  You are given two hours to complete the groom if your dog is under 15" (at the whithers) or two and a half hours to complete the groom if your dog is over 15".  Handstripped dogs will be given 2 and a half hours to complete the groom regardless of the dog's size.
Dogs should be bathed and prepared prior to the event so that only styling is done on the day.  You may also trim the nails, clean ears, trim the pads of the feet and trim the hygiene area (anal and genital areas) as part of your preperation.  Dogs will need a minimum of 6 weeks coat growth prior to the competition day.

The competition classes were held in the morning.  Following the grooming, the dogs were judged and a prizegiving awarded.  After this, there was a lunch break and then all dogs and competitors were entered into the workshop in the afternoon for an active critique with the EGG team who are all seasonsed grooming competitors to help you to improve and understand what is required going forward.

The class was split into levels according to your experience.  This included time spent in training.
Under 1 year
Under 2 years
Under 5 years
Over 5 years

There are level winners but no Best In Show award.

The official judges were:  Melanie Winters-Holmes; Sally Hart; Glen Succamore; Kerry Thomas

Seminars were held on the day which included:

Dealing with a double coat
How to dematt safely and effectively
Introduction to the Groomers Gallery

This first of our Rookie Challenges was sold out very shortly after releasing ticket information and we couldn't be more proud of the competitors and spectators in this event.  We saw some amazing grooming and most excellent sportsmanship and look forward to seeing you all in future competitions as your competitive career now begins.


The show and all classes was generously sponsored by Simpsons.  Massive thanks to Kevin Simpson for his continued support. 

Under 1 Year 1st 2nd 3rd


Georgia Willy

Polly Stretton

Billie Tomkins

Under 2 Years





Vicki Robinson

Sam Millard

Emma Yorke

Under 5 Years





Ellen Benham

Jodie Brookes

Hayley Reeves

Over 5 Years 1st 2nd



Sam Banks

Michelle Pritchett

Nicola Morgan




Special Award Winners: 
Best Dressed Groomer:  Amba Bunting
Best Dressed Table:  Paula Purnell
Best Preparation:  Sam Banks & Hayley Reeves
Best Handling:  Sam Millard & Ellen Benham
Best Finish:  Ellen Benham & Sam Banks 

This is the gallery of all class and other award winners

This is the gallery of all of the competitors with their finished grooms