Past Events

Terrier Day - Jan 2010

As the first event of the year, the Terrier Day was a great start to 2010 

 A very big Thank you to the brilliant people who put on such a great day in January – just the thing to take one’s mind off the winter blues and to start the year with inspiration!

I forget just how many demonstrations they managed to fit into the day – there were 2 or 3 grooming tables on the go the whole time (10.00 till 4.00?) and the groomers demonstrating were all people well known in the grooming competition world, so you knew you were going& to get top-quality work to watch.

I particularly liked the fact that the day was all focussed on ‘long-legged’ terriers – you could easily see the similarities (and conversely, the differences) between the breeds, and again, between the clipped (Advanced exam-type) dog and the handstripped version of the same breeds. It certainly helped me to see where I could improve!

People had come from quite a way to attend the day, and for some this was their first English Groomer’s Group event.

It was good to chat with groomers and to hear their set-ups, work-load, problem dogs and so on – it’s nice to know that other groomers find some things difficult! We were free to watch whichever demo’s we wanted, ‘dipping & diving’ to see just the bits we wanted of EVERY dog as we wished, and we were all encouraged to ask questions at any time, and the demonstrators were SO good at answering, showing us exactly how to do something, or where the trimming line goes, or the head … it was a golden opportunity to grab more than a few pearls of wisdom!

From the lovely big Airedale to the tiny Fox Terrier puppy the dogs were great examples of their breed, and seemed to take all the close scrutiny in their stride, and I am very grateful to the owners who let their dogs be used for the day.

Also, Hadlow College’s new grooming facility made a superb venue, we were given a splendid lunch, doggy outlines to doodle notes on, and sent home with chalk and shampoo samples (courtesy of Petcetera).

Not to mention the camera full of pictures to help us remember what we saw, and the Certificate of Attendance(now on display in my studio, thanks)

Thanks - Molly Bayswater