Past Events

English Groomers Challenge 2009

June 2009: Challenge Day

I would like to, on behalf of the committee express our sincere thanks to everyone who supported the challenge on 14th June at Swanley and our congratulations go to Sharon Smith for winning Best In Show, a full list of the results are printed below.

To enter a competition requires a huge commitment in preparing the dogs, vast amounts of courage, mixed with excitement, nerves, doubts and fears when you have all these things and more the adrenaline kicks in and you are hooked.

Entering your first competition it is a truly courageous thing to-do even for the more confident .So to those of you first timers this year we applaud you and look forward to seeing you next year, and to the spectators who thought they may give it a go, we would be thrilled if you joined us in 2010 and experienced the excitement that is competing.

Results Best In Show - Sharon Smith 
Best Advanced - Sharon Smith 
Best Experienced - Haley Mackinson 
Best Newcomer - Donna Verden 
Clip Advanced - 1st Sharon Smith, 2nd Denise Westbrooke, 3rd Becky Ross 
Clip Experienced - 1st Damarral Werry-Easterbrook, 2nd Tegan Broady, 3rd Karen Goldsmith 
Clip Newcomer - 1st Donna Verden, 2nd Linda Marchena, 3rd Hayley Thomas 
Handstrip Advanced - 1st Nina Gooding, 2nd Ann Meadon, 3rd Sue Burley 
Handstrip Experienced - 1st Angela Simpson 
Handstrip Newcomer - 1st Simone Arter 
Scissor Advanced - 1st Susan Pratt, 2nd Kelly Davis, 3rd Linda Williams 
Scissor Experienced - 1st Hayley Mackinson, 2nd Alison Shoosmith, 3rd Rowena Parker 
Real Life Advanced - 1st Emily Mulholland, 2nd Ann Meadon, 3rd Jo Beddoe 
Real Life Experienced - 1st Heather Maxfield, 2nd Amanda Williamson, 3rd Bryony Mehigan
Real Life Newcomer - 1st Shanice Ling, 2nd Jason Williams, 3rd Gill Ward 
Best Technique - Becky Ross - Clipperwork on a Spaniel and Thinning on a Westie 
Best Handling - Fleur Maitland - Best Handling on a Lakeland 
Best Preparation - Sharon Smith - Best Preparation on a Bichon 
Biggest Transformation - Fleur Maitland - Biggest Transformation on a Lakeland 
Great Expectations - Denise Westbrook