• Please let the judges know of any problems with your dogs before the start of the class
  • Please treat your dogs with respect.  If the judges consider a dog is being mishandled, a warning will be given.  A second warning will result in disqualification.
  • Competitors should not trim their dogs after their classes have finished unless you have permission from all of the judges.
  • All classes will start promptly.  Any late arrivals may still compete but will not be allowed any extra time.  Please report to the competitor stewards before entering the competition area.


  • You will need at least 6 weeks growth to showcase your skills.  
  • Judging is based on degree of difficulty and level of work.  
  • You will need to provide your dog bathed and prepared with ears, nails, groin and pads already attended to.  
  • Poodles face, feet and tail are clipped during the class.  
  • You need to bring your own equipment and table.  PLEASE NOTE:  Power will not be supplied to each table this year so please bring cordless clippers.  Power will be supplied for the creative classes.
  • Products and dyes may not be used in the non-creative challenge classes.
  • Please bring holding crates for your competition dogs.
  • Please do not bring dogs not entered into the competition.
  • All competitors are ultimately responsible for their own dogs so please make sure that your dogs are watered and exercised and don't forget to clean up after your dog!
  • We recommend that you bring a helper to assist you throughout the day.
  • Remember that competitor stewards are around to help you so don't be afraid to ask! 
  • This competition highlights the extreme creativity of professional groomers
  • Entries may be from individuals or teams
  • Competitors may only use dyes that are non-toxic and manufactured for animal use and should be used prior to arrival
  • You are allowed 2 hours to complete your presentation.  At the end of the class, you will be allowed an extra 10 minutes to dress your table with whatever props you need to enhance your presentation.
  • Please bring all of the equipment you will need to complete your transformation.  We will provide power.
  • Any pure or mixed breed dog may be used.
  • Winners will be chosen for their originality and creativity of design and theme and quality of styling techniques.
  • Winner is not eligible for Best in Show
  • Please note that your dog is your sole responsibility and that their welfare is of the utmost importance.  Should the judge feel that a competitor is putting their dog's welfare at risk, they have the right to disqualify them the competition and this may well result in them being banned from future events.
  • This class is designed to show the beauty of a simple abstract design scissored, clipped or handstripped into the coat and devoid of any props, costumes, accessories etc. (although we encourage this for the groomer).  Minimal colour and added bling may be used but should not detract from the overall finish.
  • These designs should be completed prior to the competition and the class will be judged on the finished design only. 
  • Any breed of dog may be used and the design will be judged on originality, finish and balance.